Everything looks better from down here…trust me!

A Dog's Life: Fuego, The Norwich Terrier

A huge sniff, to my fans and new friends. If you love cute, furry, little guys like me, then you'll have to stick around and visit my blog often. I'm a fun loving Norwich Terrier, currently residing in sunny LA. I love running at the beach, walking, snacking, and talking.


Sexy and I know it!

My new hoodie coat from The Modern Canine F/W 2011 collection


Move over Gigolo aka Giggy!

The girls (and boys) swoon over me!  Yes, I do Birthdays too.  ;P



Hey Guys, Long Time No See!

Alright, so I shouldn’t start with an excuse as to why I haven’t been updating you on what I’ve been up to.  So, lets just jump right back in with some new pics of me from over the summer. ❤

Here I am at the world famous Santa Monica pier. Don't I look happy?



Rainy days make me sooo lazy & sleepy.

Arthurr, The hippest Daschund, like ever!

First off, it’s all about Purp & Yellow!  I see Arthurr loves the Lakers too.  I don’t have a cool jersey like him, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing my cheesy purp & yellow t-shirt (special thanks to Venice Pets for the t).

Secondly, I think Arthurr is so stylish, even when he’s naked.  C’mon, how cute does he look in this fashion shoot?!!

Arthurr, you’re one cool daschund.  I say come over to my part of town, and I’ll definitely show you around.  You should model for The Modern Canine too.  They need someone with your swagger!

It’s not easy being me.

So what did you expect an LA Dog to do on a sunny Wednesday afternoon?  It takes work to keep this tan going!

Dog Fashion in Tokyo

Back in January, Mommy told me all about her trip to Japan, and how fashionable the pups are.  She said at Omotesando Hills, there is a high end boutique with clothing for dogs (and for people) too.  I guess LA isn’t the only place that likes “bling bling”!

The store featured hoodies, with an endless zipper (kind of like BAPE style), and encrusted with Swarovski crystal designs on the back.  The signature pieces in the store, had full Swarovski embellishments in the image of Jesus.

Mommy said the hoodies were about $250 US dollars, so didn’t bring back one for me.  She went down to Harajuku and bought me a lion suit, which is more of my style.  Nonetheless, I would like to go to Tokyo some day, to show the dogs some LA dog fashion.  LA dogs like me, always rock The Modern Canine.